Submission Rules and Guidelines

Here are a few helpful guidelines before starting:

  1. the photo must appear on the blog post
  2. photo should be minimum 1080px x 1080px and must be less than 5MB
  3. .jpeg format is preferred
  4. a blog post can be submitted once only
  5. title must not contain too many uppercase characters

The quality of the photo is very important. It must be:

  • properly exposed and focused
  • beautifully composed
  • have proper white balance
  • free of text, borders or watermarks
  • small logos (not text) along the bottom of photos are now acceptable

What is a Blog Name? When a post from a blog is submitted, we create a name for that blog in the system to ensure the blog name is correct and clearly visible below all the related posts. A blog name is separate from and not related to your account's username.

Questions? Please feel free to contact us.